There is a general opinion that clients should not be told NO That's exactly what we are doing! When we think it necessary.. Several times...

No Limits!

In order to reach the best solutions, develop and upgrade the brand in the best and most efficient way, we created and implemented best ideas - we cannot and must not be limited! Discarding limitations does not mean we will do anything that comes to our mind! Discarding limitations means that we will do only what we believe to be appropriate, what will best meet the needs of our clients and consumers.

Since, the possibilities of our creation are unlimited only when we are free

No Nonsense!

Remember your first contact with the advertising business. Remember the business vocabulary that you are now used to and do not notice any longer. All those words that you did not understand. Or you did understand, but could not comprehend.

Words, words, words - difficult, resounding. Words that become phrases. Mean nothing. Phrases hiding a void.

We use a simple language. A language that anyone can understand. A language that really means something. The one that moves the brand forward. The one that does not invite the consumers to buy something, but to do something.

We use a language that does not offer false promises.

We understand each other!


No Lines!

Very often the best ideas cannot be categorized. They cannot be placed above or below a line. And we find lines all around us. That's why we work both above and below the lines, and mostly through the lines! We are providing full service to our clients.

And lines..?
We use lines only when we wish to underline our best ideas!

All the „NO-s” our clients wish to hear

- NO, we do not have more than 800 promoters and supervisors!

- NO, we do not work in more than 17 countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

- NO, we do not work exactly like the other Agencies - we are pioneers in the CRP/RLP programs – couple of them are successfully run at this moment...

- NO, we are not without the awards, we won: best Launch Campaign in SEE for Miller beer in 2006 • Best British Airways BTL project in Europe in 2006 …

Statistics for the 2008